How to suck at travel photography

This is really funny – and one can learn a lot from it.

Picnic at the Cathedral

Well I don’t know about you but if I read another Pinterest article titled Twelve Tips for Taking Insanely Great Travel Photos: Number 5 Will Blow Your Mind!!! I’m going to barf all over my cheap-ass digital camera.

I have a more unique skill, one that doesn’t even require three exclamation points: I take terrible travel photos.

Here are some tips for sucking at travel photography—feel free to post to Pinterest:

hand Zamość, Poland

  • Let’s start this lesson out easy: frame an attractive location with an interesting perspective and then go ahead and ruin your composition by sticking in a random appendage—your husband’s hand will do if no other limbs are available.

blurry Train in Eastern Taiwan

  • If you’re fond of train travel and you’re the type of person who laughs at signs, why not take a series of pictures of signs from inside moving trains?  Nope, you’ll never, ever get a…

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